Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico

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Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico
Payment and Process:

Please mail the completed Enrollment Application, Family Group Sheet, and copies of documentation as required to foregoing address. Once Enrollment and Membership has been approved by the Tribal Council, a letter of enrollment will be issued to the applicant. Upon approval, the new member can apply for a Tribal Membership and Enrollment ID Card. For members 18 years of age or older, please include a digital photograph (passport style). Please note that membership cards are produced quarterly and issues at the Tribal quarterly meetings. If not present, the cards will be sent to applicant or family representative on the Mondays after the quarterly meetings.  A donation of $25 is requested for each card.  No cash or personal checks after January 10, 2017.

Please make Money Order's or Cashier's Checks payable to OCRS.

Chihene Nde Enrollment Committee
2711 Winston Avenue 
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005 U.S.A

(575) 312-6327 -Message Phone
(575) 527-2460 -Fax
(818) 468-5685 -Chairman's Contact No.
 Membership Enrollment Application
 Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico


Section 2- Membership Enrollment Criteria:

Membership Enrollment in the Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico must be met by one of the following criteria listed below: 

A.All applicants who can prove Chihene Nde (Warm Springs) or any Apache bloodline thru genealogical birth (lineal descendant), supported by documentation. A policy shall be established by the Membership Committee and approved by Tribal Council. Once an applicant has been validated by the Membership Committee, the enrollment application for membership will be referred to the Tribal Council for final approval. 

B. All applicants whose parent(s) or legal guardian (s) are members of another Native American Band or Tribe of Apache, are eligible for membership as a member of the Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico provided he/she meets the application criteria as described in Article II, Sections 2 and 3. 

C. Application for membership must be supported by documentation of Census rolls, a copy of a certified birth certificate, baptism records recognized as official government documents and in special circumstances concerning the lack of the aforementioned documentation, the applicant may submit certified MTDNA or YDNA as scientific evidence to prove Apache heritage. This process must be validated by the Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico Membership Committee and approved by the Tribal Council. 

D.If the applicant has met the criteria for application, the applicant must be interviewed and voted on by the Membership Committee of the Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico. If the Membership Committee approves the applicant for membership, the Membership Committee must refer application for final approval by Tribal Council at the next available meeting. If the applicant is a member of another federally recognized tribe, the applicant must relinquish his/her membership and affiliation in the respective nation in writing. All relinquishments for an applicant under the age of eighteen must be signed by his/her legal guardian(s) and all documentation must be notarized. Supporting documentation from any and all other Native Nations must be filed with the Membership Committee in order to finalize enrollment. 

E. Any findings of falsified documentation are cause for immediate removal from the Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico.

F.Tribal Membership records will be housed and maintained in New Mexico at the discretion of the Tribal Council, until a permanent office is secured. The Secretary or Registered Agent may house records in the interim for the purposes of inspection by federal authority during the re-recognition process outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Section 3- Application for Membership by Other Native American Bands or Tribes of Chiricahua Apache:

All applicants must meet the requirements of Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico for membership under Article 2, Section 2. Member(s) of another Native American or Indigenous North American Apache Band may, upon filing an application, be considered for membership of the Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico. 

Section 4- Adopted Children:

A.Children adopted by a current Band member(s) may be enrolled as a member of the Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico. The adopted children must reside and be under the supervision of the adopted parent(s) or legal guardian(s) until age eighteen (18). When the child has attained the age of eighteen (18), he/she may continue to be a member with full membership privileges in the Band. Under traditional custom, a child raised in a Chihene family is entitled to full membership.

Chihene Nde Nation of New Mexico
 Family Group Sheet
Membership and Enrollment Committee:

In 2016, Paul "Pablo" A. Martinez was re-appointed appointed by Chairman Manuel P. Sanchez on June 27, 2016 to head the Enrollment and Membership Committee. The committee members that were also appointed by the Chairman and ratified by a quorum of the Governance Council are:

Paul "Pablo" Martinez, Chair
Helen Jurado
Velma Provencio
Jessica Inez Martinez


Download the following documents and "save as" to your computer and complete them to their entirety. Don't submit double side documents. Print and mail to the address listed. On Family Group Sheets, please submit a group sheet on each generation to corresponding relative of Apache ancestry.

Please be advised that at Family Search ( is a free  service that allows one to create a pedigree (Family Tree). This site has tools to allow one to print pedigrees and various support forms of family trees. You will need to create an account (FREE). Once to click onto the "Person" you are reviewing, under the print section, "family" icon will automatically create a family group sheet for any corresponding person that one adds to the respective family tree or pedigree. This will save a person time, labor and most importantly, it can also connect one to other relatives that are entering research on their families whom might have even attached more corresponding documentation such as census that are also needed in the application process. 

The following Documents are the 1. Introduction and Checklist Letter; 2. Enrollment Application; and 3. Family Group Sheet.

Please be advised that all applicants have the duty to provide proof as to veracity or validity of their claim for membership. One must meet the criteria set forth enumerated below as so stipulated in our Constitution and By-laws. 

We do not or will not conduct any family research. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the necessary information to the Membership and Enrollment Committee and Governance Council for consideration.

The current Membership and Enrollment Committee assumed power in July of 2014. It was tasked with reviewing all of the files and bringing them up to standards pursuant the respective Code of Federal Regulations and best practices prior to submitting our petition before the US Department of Interior-Bureau of Indian Affairs. 

We have discovered that most of the files were not compliant. We made contact with the applicants/families, since 2014, to submit the proper documentation (i.e., Enrollment Application, the Family Group Sheets, supporting documentation and/or lost or misplaced documentation by the previous committee chair). Significant progress was made and most of the existing files are now in compliance. Those that complied were issued Tribe Enrollment Identification Cards. However, some applicants/families have not complied and will not be issued Tribal Membership Identification Cards. The Membership and Enrollment Committee will be petitioning the Tribal Council at the January 2017 Meeting to dis-enroll those membership files that are incomplete.

Accordingly, if approved by the Tribal Council, the Membership and Enrollment Committee will issue a Public Notice providing those respective applicants/families until March 30, 2017 to submit the requested documentation. Failure to submit will result in the dis-enrollment of membership.  

The applicants' will be required to resubmit the entire application process and meet the criteria for membership as stipulated below. The Membership and Enrollment Committee will then provide the Tribal Council recommendations for approval of reinstatement as an enrolled member. 
Introduction Letter and Checklist
Please Download these Mandatory forms. They Must be Submitted to Committee for Consideration