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 Annual Tribal Gathering for 2017 Year:

 TBA -Akela Flats

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The Tribal Governance Council is currently compiling documents and preparing final drafts to be submitted with BIA Application packets. Tribal Treasurer, Nancy Lopez has been assigned to conduct all corresponding 20th century documentations and family histories and stories. For those members that are contributing to this portion of this section, please contact Nancy Lopez at (602) 418-7544. She will be making the necessary contact to complete this process.


From January- August 2018


02 February 2018: NM Treaty and Native American Days
State Capitol Rotunda, Santa Fe, NM

31 March 2018: OCRS Membership/Enrollment Committee Meetings- 
Jurado Residence, Las Cruces, NM

26- 27 May 2018: OCRS Retreat-Meeting; 
Tentatively planned at Cochise's Stronghold Park, W Ironwood Rd., Cochise, AZ 85606.

22 - 24 June 2018: Annual Gathering- Tribal Elections:
Manzano property- Manzano Land Grant (10 year Anniversary of OCRS). Manzano Mountains State Park, County Rd 8062, Mountainair, NM 87036

10-12 August 2018: OCRS Retreat-Meeting:
Tentatively planned for Chiricahua National Monument- E Bonita Canyon Rd., Wilcox, AZ 85643

In order to continue these events, we humbly request assistance from the membership. We need volunteers to help out in several areas so that not all of the burden and responsibility lies on just a few folks. We need folks to arrive early to help set of camp, help with setting up teepees, sweat lodges, those to lend pickup truck and/or pick up portable toilets, haul trailers of supplies, water runs, and recreational furniture, like benches, portable arbors and canopies, etc. We also need folks to help out with cooking and to bring food and supplies for the common kitchen. All of this is a coordinated effort. We will be asking family representative for coordinating with their respective family members to help out during the next annual gathering.

Note:  Our tradition and custom is to stay through the entire Holy Ground Ceremony. Like church, we don't leave mass half way. We are praying for all of us and our federal re-recognition efforts. All of our prayers together make a difference. Although we desire for folks to have a joyous and memorable time, we also need to teach those that are not acclimated to the culture that we don't applaud during ceremonies and each ceremony is considered sacred. These events are not intended to be entertainment in the sense of mere performance. These ceremonies are sacred and we are trying to maintain them for future generations as our ancestors would desire us to continue. Please don't take offense to elders correcting folks and others on the proper protocol and customs. Our intentions are to teach everyone how to properly observe our ways and traditions.

There were elections of tribal officers and those results will appear on the Governance Section of this site. 

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